Case Study

Case Studies

Jim and Stacy - Family Business Owners

Jim and Stacy were excellent at farming and even more capable when it came to expanding into a vertically integrated food processing operation, but they struggled with a nagging sense of financial insecurity. It seems no matter how much they grew the business and increased revenues, they couldn’t outwork the feeling of instability.

Beyond farmland and growing equity in the business, their financial assets consisted of some mutual funds and an old cash value life insurance policy. But they knew there had to be more to it…

Though they desperately wanted help, every appointment with a ‘professional adviser’ concluded with the same tired recommendationsJim and Stacy simply needed more of whatever that adviser was selling.

Family sitting beside a tree with their freshly picked apples

Antonio and Cecilia - Ranchers

Always a budding entrepreneur, Cecilia, and a friend had established a dress shop with a rapidly growing online presence. Antonio was a corporate favorite, moving through the chairs on the ladder to upper management. But they both wanted more. With one child in tow and another on the way, this enterprising couple decided to move home and join the family’s cattle operation.

Their move involved an overwhelming list of financial concerns and succession planning issues. They knew it would take a high level of expertise to design a plan to bring them into the business. But they had no idea how many personal financial decisions would come into play in the process.

Antonio and Cecilia knew that stepping into an ownership role and guiding the expansion of her family’s cattle operations would take a whole different level of advanced planning and expertise.

Family of Antonio and Cecilia with their children

John and Sara - Farmers

John and Sara put all their efforts into business growth and re-invested their earning right back into the operation. Their motivation was all about buying more land and achieving a next level of operating efficiency.

For these two agripreneurs, the goal was to build a sustainable operation and enjoy the lifestyle of their dreams. As their children grew and the business matured, they realized it may take more than a wish and good intentions to pass the operation to the next generation successfully and retire comfortably.

They had a buy-sell agreement, a life insurance policy, and a 401(k), but John and Sara felt woefully unprepared for retirement. They didn’t know what was missing, but they didn’t feel confident either.

Old couple farmer on their farmland

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