Take advantage of my complementary 60-minute consultation.

During our time together, I’ll answer your questions, I’ll give actionable solutions, and I’ll put you on the path toward achieving your goals.

  • We can tackle your tax and financial concerns
    • Not having a current and sustainable financial or retirement plan.
    • Estate taxes consuming too much of your estate when we die.
  • We’ll discuss Family Concerns
    • Heirs selling business your business operations or land purely for financial gain.
    • Children or beneficiaries losing an inheritance to creditors, lawsuits, or a divorcing spouse.
  • We’ll talk about your Succession Concerns
    • Family farm or business failure due to a lack of planning and management experience in the next generation.
    • Current plan leaving those heirs who active in the farming operation NOT in control.
  • Our discussions will be private and confidential
    • Unnecessary costs, administrative delays, and public scrutiny associated with having to go through probate.
    • Having to sell assets to create the liquidity necessary to pay taxes, satisfy debts, create equal distributions, and satisfy expenses.

By the end of our conversation, you’ll walk away with peace of mind, knowing there are solutions to your most pressing estate and succession planning problems.

How can we help?


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