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As family owned and operated small business owners, we’re the lifeblood of the nation. We know the importance of hard work, building a legacy, and service.

When it comes to your legacy and estate, make sure you’re covered. We can help you pass the baton and make sure the business you worked so hard to build is left in the hands you trust.

Download the Estate Planning for Business Owners E-Book free today.

Estate planning is far more than legal documents and life insurance policies. Your plan should be a culmination of your life’s work. It should fulfill your dreams, settle business matters, and provide care for your loved ones.

Estate Planning for Family Business Owners is written to help you understand those differences and direct you to solutions that can help you make good choices.

Your estate plan should be an integral part of your overall succession strategy. Beyond tax minimization, estate planning strategies may also be used to protect assets and create efficient transfers to family members.

As an owner, your estate plan must achieve multiple goals, including:

  • Minimizing estate tax
  • Providing income for your dependents
  • Transferring ownership to your intended successors

Estate Planning for Family Business Owners was written to help you make the decisions and take the actions necessary to achieve your goals.

About The Author

Kevin Spafford, CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™, joined Ryan Wealth Management in 2016. He leads the firm’s advanced planning efforts and helps small and family business owners plan for succession. Kevin’s planning process is designed to enhance the family’s financial security, create a smooth ownership transition, and mitigate the tax consequences.

As the architect of the Farm Journal Legacy Project, Kevin effected consumer behavior and improved the way family business owners engage in the succession planning process. Through the Project, Kevin has:

  • Published more than 300 columns in Agriculture’s leading magazines.
  • Facilitated workshops for thousands of farm and ranch families across the U.S.
  • Written multiple workbooks and created several client planning tools.
  • Produced weekly eNewsletters for subscribers across the country.
  • And, hosted five seasons of ‘Leave a Legacy’ TV.

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