Estate Planning – Self Assessment

Estate Planning


Introduction to the Estate Planning Assessment

A well-designed estate plan:

  • Minimizes exposure to the estate tax
  • Mitigates transfer costs
  • Provides lasting security for the family 

As a rule, business owners want to leave their loved ones secure and they want to know their operations will continue long after their gone.

But, estate planning strategies are complex and confusing. The process involves legal terms, financial concepts, and tax strategies. 

Knowing whether you’re ready to engage in the process, can be the difference between disappointment and lasting success.

Take a few moments now; respond to these 20 questions and find out if, you’re ready for estate planning. 

Please grade yourself by entering the number that corresponds with your answer in the right-hand column below.

4-Mostly Agree
3-Neither Agree / Disagree
2-Mostly Disagree


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