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Succession Planning MasterClass

During these MasterClass, you will learn how to:

  • Retain the land throughout your life
  • Establish a leadership structure that works
  • Utilize the estate tax laws to protect your assets
  • Create retirement options, even if you don’t plan to walk away
  • Include all of your children, whether active in the operation or not

Planning for succession is more than legal documents and life insurance policies. It’s a road map to provide financial security for your family, create a smooth ownership transition, define an effective leadership structure, and minimize taxes.

The Succession Planning MasterClass Course Includes:

  • Written Materials to support each section of the course
  • Worksheets to support sections of the course
  • Slides used in the course for note taking
  • 1 hour consultation via Zoom---following completion of the course
  • On demand lessons will be available for play back by attendees

Success comes to those families who share common goals and the desire to create something bigger than themselves.

Start now and you can give your family the one thing money can’t buy, peace of mind, and the comfort of knowing the farm will remain in your family for generations to come.

Presented by Kevin Spafford a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ who specializes in succession planning for farmers and family business owners.

As the architect of the Farm Journal Legacy Project, Kevin improved the way family business owners engage in the succession planning process.

Today Kevin works one-on-one with client families in Washington and throughout Northern California. 

A course designed exclusively for business owners and their families

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Wealth Manager and Succession Planning Specialist

Kevin Spafford, CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™, helps farmers and family business owners plan for succession. Kevin’s planning process is designed to enhance the family’s financial security, create a smooth ownership transition, and mitigate the tax consequences.

As the architect of the award-winning* Farm Journal Legacy Project, Kevin affected consumer behavior and improved the way family business owners engage in the succession planning process. Through the Project, Kevin has:

  • Published more than 300 columns in Agriculture’s leading magazines.
  • Facilitated workshops for thousands of farm and ranch families across the U.S.
  • Written multiple workbooks and created several client planning tools.
  • Produced weekly eNewsletters for subscribers across the country.
  • And, hosted five seasons of ‘Leave a Legacy’ TV.

Before the publication of his book Legacy by Design: Succession Planning for Agribusiness Owners (Marketplace Books®) in 2006, Kevin founded Legacy by Design, a succession and financial planning firm dedicated exclusively to serving the succession planning needs of farmers and agribusiness owners.

Today, Kevin works with client family business owners across Washington and California from his offices at Ryan Wealth Management in Spokane and Yuba City.

Among a series of professional designations and licenses, Kevin is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™, and he’s earned a Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Management with a concentration in Business, from California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo, CA.

On a personal note, Kevin enjoys flying, fishing, hunting, and camping. He and his wife, Anne-Marie, have been married 39 years. They are proud parents of their son Drew and his wife Dana and their daughter Sara and her husband, Michael. In October 2020, they welcomed their second grandchild. They live in Durham, CA.

* In 2011, the Farm Journal Legacy Project was awarded the Grand Neal Award considered one of the most prestigious editorial honors in the field of specialized journalism.